Lets Get Technical

A blog about codes, standards, and best practices for solar, energy storage, and microgrids

Let's Get Technical

A blog about codes, standards, and best practices for solar, energy storage, and microgrids

Mayfield Renewables Announces Education Summit 2024 in Austin, TX

Mayfield Renewables is dedicated to training the next generation of solar-plus-storage experts. 

Corvallis, OR — Mayfield Renewables announces its inaugural Education Summit at The University of Texas at Austin Commons Conference Center this fall, October 3rd, in Austin, Texas. The Summit will feature notable education and technical training partners, including The University of Texas at Austin Energy Institute, NABCEP, Heatspring, Solar Energy International, Hammond, Megger, CleanTX, Outfit, Xendee, AVO Training Institute, and others.

The state of Texas is rapidly becoming a hub for renewable energy, encompassing everything from manufacturing to development and research. Given this transformation, Texas is the perfect location to host Mayfield’s first-ever Education Summit, which will feature a full day of best-in-class training sessions and networking opportunities. 

The industry is at an inflection point. Scaling quickly and safely is essential to meeting targets for a resilient and reliable energy future. As we move into more C&I, utility-scale, energy storage, and microgrids, the need for clear technical education is dire. Mayfield is fortunate to have a team and network of industry experts and trainers who can develop and deliver workshops addressing this need. “Providing high-quality education for the industry has been an important and fulfilling aspect of my work. As we’ve developed more classes and worked directly with clients, the need for more accessible education has been clear.” – Ryan Mayfield

“As the industry grows, there are more gatherings and conferences than ever before. I wanted to create a different space wholly dedicated to adding value for attendees committed to quality PV+ESS systems. The value really is in the education sessions and a truly memorable networking experience with our team and partners.” – Laurel Hamilton

The topics covered will include PV and energy storage codes and standards, engineering best practices, safety, and O&M, making it suitable for individuals involved in the planning, sales, design, installation, oversight, and management of solar and storage assets. 

Summit Overview:

  • Wednesday, October 2nd, 2024, 5-8:30 PM  
    Welcome Reception + Great Transformation Presentation: “Education’s Role in the Transition to Distributed Generation
  • Thursday, October 3rd, 2024, 8 AM-9 PM
    Education Summit + Evening Networking Reception

To learn more about the Mayfield Renewables Education Summit and take advantage of an Early bird registration discount, click here.

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