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UL9540A Battery Testing: What it is…and is Not

June 26, 2024

As solar PV systems with energy storage become more common due to decreasing battery costs and ongoing grid reliability concerns, battery safety is paramount. UL 9540A is a key test method used to evaluate the fire safety risks associated with thermal runaway in battery systems.

In June’s Ask Mayfield Anything session titled “UL9540A Battery Testing: What it is…and is Not,” Ryan Mayfield was joined by Fire Test Specialist from the CSA Group, Josh Dinaburg and Energy Storage Specialist from Hiller Mike Nicholas to provide a deeper understanding of this new battery test. They cover various aspects, including how UL 9540A guides the installation of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in close proximity, its limitations in truly simulating real-world fire scenarios, and the challenges faced by AHJs in accepting these test results due to certain criteria not being met.

Watch this informative session that will equip you with essential knowledge about UL 9540A and its implications. Additionally, gain insights into upcoming revisions and learn what questions to ask manufacturers.


Josh Dinaburg – Fire Test Specialist | CSA Group

Mike Nicholas – Energy Storage Specialist | Hiller

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