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Structural Criteria Updates for Rooftop PV: ASCE 7-22 and ASTM D7147

February 21, 2024

Rooftop PV installations have a complex array of codes and standards they must adhere to for local approvals and systems’ long-term safety, quality, and functionality. While Mayfield Renewables often focuses our expertise on the National Electrical Code, structural standards are just as important to stay up to date on current requirements.

Changes to ASCE 7-22, recently adopted in Florida and included in the 2024 IBC, impact requirements for ballasted racking systems. ASTM 1761 testing methods impact the pull-out strength required for decking attachments, most often in residential applications. Many current racking and attachment products are not compliant with these structural updates.

In this Ask Mayfield Anything, Ryan Mayfield is joined by structural experts who shed light on these structural updates to be aware of. As states begin to adopt these updates, it’s essential for structural engineers, AHJs, manufacturers, and developers to ensure compliance and approval of their products.


Ryan Estrada – Technical Program Outreach Manager | Unirac

Matt Kuzila, PE – Structural Team Lead | Enstall

Paymon Eskandanian, SE, PE – CEO & Founder | Laguna Consulting Engineers

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