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System Design & Engineering

Providing strategic support for solar and energy storage projects that’s rooted in subject-matter expertise


Mayfield Renewables expertise

The renewable energy industry has a limited supply of experts well-versed in codes, standards, and best practices. Expertise and risk are inversely proportional. The more expertise you have, the more you can drive down risk.

Value Through Engineering

Subject-matter expertise creates opportunities to add value throughout project design—especially for unique energy storage and microgrid systems. We find innovative solutions to complex engineering problems.

Mayfield Services

Mayfield Renewables services

System design and engineering for commercial and industrial (C&I) projects, microgrids, and small utility projects includes preliminary design and site evaluation, utility interconnection drawings, construction drawings, and power system analysis.

American Microgrid Nate Mills testimonial

“We’ve enjoyed working with Mayfield in every respect, and have done so for a long time due to the depth of knowledge they bring, their willingness to engage in conceptual design discussion, and their rapid turnaround when it’s time to do drawings. We routinely refer them to our partners because they’re not just a outsourced engineering firm, they’re a reliable partner that can help avoid the many pitfalls of microgrid implementation.”


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