Lets Get Technical

A blog about codes, standards, and best practices for solar, energy storage, and microgrids

Let's Get Technical

A blog about codes, standards, and best practices for solar, energy storage, and microgrids

Join Ask Mayfield Anything to Discover Solar and Storage Education for Everyone

At industry events like RE+ and Intersolar, you have to manage time carefully. It’s easy to go searching for useful information that can boost your job performance, grow your company, and help strengthen the industry, only to find yourself stuck listening to a warmed-over sales pitch.

We believe the market needs a caretaker who can guide industry professionals toward quality education and subject-matter expertise—someone who values long-lasting solutions over short-term product sales.

That’s why we created the Ask Mayfield Anything educational series.

Mayfield Renewables operates as a technical consultancy rather than a traditional project design and engineering firm. Our business model uniquely positions us to lead through education because we connect each link in the value chain from manufacturers and service providers to end users.

Due to the success of Ask Mayfield Anything (AMA), which has seen rapid growth in viewership over the past year, we are building upon the online program to incorporate in-person events.

The first AMA live event will take place in Mayfield’s home state of Oregon in December. Read on for more details about our upcoming event in the Portland area and subsequent events coming to a city near you.

A Curated Network of Experts

Whether you’re just starting a career in solar and energy storage or a seasoned veteran, everyone can benefit from keeping current in a fast-changing industry. Mayfield taps into a curated network of experts engaged in the most relevant challenges in product development, project development, and industry growth. Once a month, we produce the AMA webinar series featuring insightful conversations with our latest guests and Mayfield’s own subject-matter expert, CEO and Founder Ryan Mayfield.

Access to industry expertise can be limited. Many thought leaders commit time to working groups and technical panels when not already occupied with their day jobs. Many working groups tend to be selective about admitting new members, and meetings are not always open to the public. Even when they are, you might have to clear a lot of space on the calendar and exercise patience as various stakeholders participate in an open dialogue that can take on a life of its own.

AMA recreates the essential value of an industry forum while removing the barriers to entry for attendees.

For starters, we invite articulate, sought-after speakers who are moving the needle on industry innovation. “The people we are having at AMA, these are the people I’m seeking out for insight when I go to RE+,” Ryan says.

Learning Opportunities For Everyone

One sign that AMA has created a rich educational environment is that we constantly find new learning opportunities in the planning process and questions from audience members, as well as the presentations themselves.

“We’ve always said we should record the planning sessions,” Ryan says.

It’s common for manufacturers and service providers in our industry to formulate messaging around value propositions that reflect an understanding of customer pain points. But how often do you get to hold up your company’s messaging in an educational setting and get real-time feedback from customers and industry peers? What technical questions does your user base have that you may not be aware of? This is another layer of the value that AMA provides.

From a visual standpoint, Mayfield takes great pride in our presentation materials. We invest in graphic design and animation because great illustrations aid in the learning process. So naturally, we appreciate when AMA participants come to the table with visual assets that live up to what we consider the Mayfield standard.

At the June 2023 AMA, where we discussed PV connectors and the 2020 National Electrical Code, David Penalva, the co-founder of SolarGrade, an independent inspection and technical field services company, shared a histogram and a scanned cross-section of a PV conductor showing the metallic journey through the cable, the crimps, and the metal pins. The visual showed that nine cable strands were lost when the cable was stripped during the installation process, and the lost conductive material caused one of the crimps to fail.

Stay Updated on Ask Mayfield Anything

To get involved with AMA, you can start by following Mayfield Renewables on LinkedIn. There, you will see announcements of upcoming events, video highlights of our most recent programs, and opportunities to share questions for AMA presenters.

For access to all Mayfield videos, visit our YouTube channel. From the main page, you can scroll through the most recent AMA videos. View the entire archive going back to our first installment in August 2020.

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