Additional Feasibility Services


Grant Interview Support

After a grant application is submitted there is often an over-the-phone interview with the key stakeholders. To support our clients in a successful grant interview we offer to participate in the interview and answer all questions related to the feasibility study we prepared. This includes two 1-hour phones calls consisting of a 1-hour mock interview (led by client) and a 1-hour grant interview.

Site Owner’s Advisor

After a grant has been successfully awarded the site owner will need to request proposals from local contractors. We can serve as the site owner’s advisor which includes reviewing all proposals submitted by contractors and advising the site owner on the best course of action to move forward. We will identify any additional actions that should be taken to ensure a successful project at this stage.

Construction Admin

During construction of the solar project, it is wise to ensure the work being conducted is of the highest quality and meets all the applicable codes and standards. As construction administrator for the site owner, we will inspect the installation of the solar system at key milestones.