System Design & Engineering Service


Our seasoned solar-plus-storage experts design, and consult for commercial & industrial (C&I), microgrid, and small utility-scale projects throughout North America.Our seasoned solar-plus-storage experts design, and consult for commercial & industrial (C&I), microgrid, and small utility-scale projects throughout North America.

Project Specialization

Engineering & Design Focus

  • Energy storage systems
  • Microgrids
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Small utility scale

Complete Permit Sets

Full System Construction Drawings

  • Structural & electrical drawings 
  • Complete electrical calculations
  • PE and SE stamp(s), as needed
  • Equipment specification support

Pre-Design Support

Preliminary design & site evaluation

  • Remote or on-site engineering analysis
  • Preliminary equipment specification
  • Conceptual layout or electrical diagram
  • Point of interconnection (POI) determination

Additional Services

  • System modeling: SAM, PVsyst, Xendee, ETAP, etc.
  • Arc flash study
  • Short-circuit calculations
  • Breaker coordination
  • Underground thermal ampacity

Featured Project

Utah Self-Sustained Compound

Large Off-Grid Residence

Mayfield Renewables’ involvement began with a feasibility study and expanded to include engineering, permitting, and construction support. Designed using EPC inverters and Ageto controls to provide 100% resiliency with minimal grid support, this large, single-phase system presented multiple, diverse engineering challenges to overcome. Mayfield worked closely with the EPC, Creative Energies to develop solutions that were both technically sound and cost effective to accomplish the client goals.

Project Highlights

LocationHeber City, Utah
Size705 kW DC PV with
1,152 kWh DC energy storage
CompletedIn process: Fall 2023
EquipmentHeliene modules
EPC inverters
Alencon Spot 1000 optimizers
Blue Planet Ion LX-HV ESS
Ageto controls

Featured Project

Village of Galena

Community Microgrid

The Tanana Chiefs Conference contacted Mayfield Renewables to plan and engineer a community microgrid to eliminate the village of Galena’s reliance on diesel fuel. This community project is made possible through GRID Alternatives’ Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund. The system will satisfy all of the Village’s annual power needs, resulting in substantial financial savings. Mayfield Renewables is responsible for the full electrical engineering of this PV and energy storage system as well as the medium voltage interconnection with the existing electrical system. This system is currently designed with EPC inverters and Ageto controls.

Project Highlights

LocationVillage of Galena, Alaska
Size1.2 MW DC PV with
1 MW AC energy storage
CompletedIn process
EquipmentEPC inverters
Ageto controls
Borrego Ben Walters testimonial

“Mayfield Renewables is an outside design firm but, for all intents and purposes, we think of them as an extension of Borrego staff. They know our standards, they embody our same principles, and we trust them wholeheartedly to deliver the quality that our customers have come to expect from Borrego engineering.”


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