Feasibility Study Intake Questionnaire

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Primary Contact Name
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Contact Phone Number
Please provide name, contact information, their role in this project.
Project Info
For example : Interested in storage option, need to confirm.
Applying for Grant Funding?
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Add Additional Interview Support for Grant Funding $200 *
Additional support during the Blue Sky Grant interview process to answer questions regarding the feasibility report and system design. This includes two 1 hour calls.
Why are they looking to install solar and what are they hoping to achieve?
For example: Back-up power for emergency situations or peak load shaving to reduce energy bill.
Estimated solar installation date
Site Information
Site Address *
Site Address
Identify any rooftops that should NOT be considered for solar.
Verified min. 1500 sqft unobstructed, contiguous roof area available? *
ETO requirement for all feasibility studies
ETO requires approval for any non-rooftop systems to be included
May include development on the neighboring site which could affect shading