Our Mission: Give and lead by example

As our company grows so do our clients, our employees, and our communities. Mayfield Renewables is committed to making the world a better place by providing excellent service to our clients, a supportive work-life balance where our employees can thrive, and giving back to the community through charitable donations. We value the importance of advancing clean, sustainable energy generation to protect the health of the environment and ensure the future of our children which is why we specialize in renewable energy.

Our clients power our mission with their dedication to solar, biomass generation, and other renewable energy resources. Our clients give us opportunity. Healthy, happy employees make passionate, productive employees which is why we are dedicated to providing a supportive work environment, flexible schedules, and let our employees choose their own courses for professional development. Our employees execute our mission with their passion for excellence and continuous learning. Our employees give us strength. The more successful our company, the more we give back to our communities by making charitable contributions. We not only support solar and renewable energy related charities but also let our employees choose the charities to donate funds directly to the causes most important to them. In doing this we make our mission a reality and strengthen the communities in which we live. Our communities give us a purpose.