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Primary Contact Name
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Contact Phone Number
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To claim federal ITC and MACRS depreciation, client must pay federal taxes.
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See details of feasibility studies offered: https://www.mayfield.energy/feasibility-studies
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Report Due Date
For example : Interested in storage option, need to confirm.
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Grant Application Deadline
If applying for two grants, use the date of the grant due first.
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Why are they looking to install solar and what are they hoping to achieve?
Projects that fall under Oregon’s “1.5 percent for green technologies” requirement are eligible to apply for Solar plus Storage Feasibility incentives and Energy Trust’s Solar Electric equipment installation incentives, but not for any Solar Ready incentives.
For example: Back-up power for emergency situations or peak load shaving to reduce energy bill.
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Site Address
Identify any rooftops that should NOT be considered for solar.
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ETO requirement for all feasibility studies
ETO requires approval for any non-rooftop systems to be included
May include development on the neighboring site which could affect shading
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